Monday, December 15, 2008

A growing number of illegal immigrants from Mexico are returning to their home country now because of the recession. You have to give credit where credit is due- Bush finally found a way to solve the illegal immigrant problem.

British Marine archaeologists have discovered a 4 and a half inch piece of "string" they say is 8000 years old, because that sounds a little better than saying, “We got nothing”.

Veterinarians in Massachusetts on Tuesday reattached the face of a cat who had been injured by a car's fan belt. Unfortunately, they’ve reattached it to Joan Rivers.

It was announced this week that Michael Jackson's famous glittery glove will be auctioned off next week. The bidding will start at the price of hundreds of children’s’ innocence.

More than 2 million Muslims on Sunday began a pilgrimage to a town outside Mecca to cast stones at the devil, because if there’s anything that’s going to take the devil down, it’s rocks.

A man in China woke his wife from her 10 year coma by biting her toes, or a woman in China woke up from her 10 year coma to discover her husband still has a foot fetish.

A new report shows that in recent years, many women have become top executives in the pornography industry. Yet another example of women breaking through the mirrored ceiling.

An 89 year-old man and a 90 year-old woman in England became the Britain's oldest newlyweds this week when they got married. The couple is registered at the Ramsey Funeral Home & Crematory.